How (not) to start a dot com company

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The best advice I can give somebody, is do something that you think is interesting and let the waves catch you. Something that I see people do, which I don't think is a good idea, is they try to chase the current thing. I saw this so much in 1997 and 1998, 1999 with respect to the internet. There were in '94, '95, '96, and '97, mostly the people who were the earlier you get, the more true this is.

But the people who are sort of looking at this space and started companies were genuinely interested in it. They thought it was really cool. By the time you got to 1999, like doctors were stopping, you know, screw that doctor thing, I'm going to start a dot com company!

So that really made no sense whatsoever. People were sort of abandoning the things they were genuinely interested and trying to catch a wave. Whenever you try to catch a wave, you're almost always too late.


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